Businesses are built on dreams, and we want to celebrate the people chasing theirs. That’s why we created Miller Lite Tap the Future: a competition that lets entrepreneurs pitch for a chance to earn more than $200K to fund their business. In the process, we offer business seminars, live pitch opportunities, access to business moguls like Daymond John from ABC’s “Shark Tank” and more.
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February 11 - April 8
Online Application Period
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National Finals
How to Make a Great First Impression

It is said that first impressions are always the last. In business, it is crucial to leave a lasting, but positive first impression.

5 Must-Follow Networking Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Top 10 Important Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Social Media

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Miller Lite Tap the Future Winner Shares What’s Ahead in 2016

Former Miller Lite Tap the Future winner, Brian Hill shares his experience with the program, how to give your best pitch and what's next for Edovo.

9 books Daymond John thinks every new entrepreneur should read

“The Shark” offers 9 books he turns to for motivation, useful counsel and instruments that have guided him in his journey to success.

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7 Shortcuts for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

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No Limitations- Breaking the Barriers to Success

Latina, entrepreneur, and philanthropist are just a few words to describe Judith Duval. In this article, Duval shares how she managed to face adversity as an immigrant and open her own business.

How to Build Up Your Influence on Social Media

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4 Reasons Your Business has Stopped Growing

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Chicago- based Edovo, is the grand prize winner of the Miller Lite Tap the Future program taking $200K home for their business. This innovative business provides a self-driven educational and vocational platform for correctional facilities. Congratulations to Brian Hill and the Edovo team. Cheers!

Tap the Future Wraps-Up Live Pitch Tour

The Miller Lite Tap the Future tour, an entrepreneurial competition far from the ordinary, recently wrapped at the end of the summer. As the second-phase of the national business plan competition, not only were the contestants on their game but attendees as well. Hosted by lifestyle expert, Kenny Burns, of Revolt TV, the tour was full of laughs and unexpected surprises for the audience.

6 Questions to ask Before Saying I Do to a Business Partner

At some point you may consider getting a business partner or co-founder. But partnering doesn’t always make good business sense if you simply like the other person. Whatever the reason, when forming a business partnership, just like with a marriage there are certain steps you need to take to help ensure a happy and prosperous relationship.

2013 Tap the Future Winner Swyft Media

Evan Wray and Sean O’Brien teamed up in 2012 to start their company Swyft Media (formerly known as Text Pride), an app that offers licensed emoji/emoticons for branded content. Since then, not only did the duo win the grand prize in the very first Miller Lite Tap the Future competition, they went on to build a million dollar company, partnering with over 300 brands and was recently acquired by Monotype Image Holdings for $27 million. Swyft Media has proven to be an originator and innovator and we can’t wait to see what they do next. This article on WSJ goes in more detail about their work.

65 Quotes that Dare You to do Great Things

Launching a business, growing a business or striving to do anything great requires taking a risk and putting in work. The road to success stretches you and requires you to keep yourself motivated. Inc. magazine compiled 65 motivational quotes that inspire you to have faith in yourself and dare you to do great things.

2014 Grand Prize Winner Bellhops in the News

Chattanooga-based moving company Bellhops came out on top in the 2014 Miller Lite Tap the Future competition. Nooga.com talked with the co-founders of Bellhops about their experience in the competition and how they plan to use their winnings.

Were You Born to be an Entrepreneur?

Through entrepreneurs come from various backgrounds and have different stories, many of them share similar personality traits. This article from Inc. magazine lists 10 signs shared by people born with the entrepreneurial spirit. Read on to see if you fit the bill.

Fastest Growing Small Business Industries

Looking to explore some new business ideas? This article from Inc. magazine points out the five fastest growing industries for the small business market. If you are an investor or entrepreneur looking to start or grow a new business, this might be a good place to start.

Get Your Business "Unstuck" with Barry Moltz

If you feel like your business could use a little boost, then Miller Lite Tap the Future judge Barry Moltz has just the advice for you. Moltz has discovered the formula to get stuck business owners unstuck and marching forward by applying simple, strategic steps to facilitate change. In this podcast, Barry talks about the hard knocks he’s had, lessons he’s learned as a successful entrepreneur and tips on how to get your business “unstuck.”

Business and Branding Tips from Daymond John

Miller Lite Tap the Future judge Daymond John began his foray into entrepreneurship when he co-founded the clothing line FUBU with friends. In this article, John talks about turning FUBU into an international brand, his experience as a Tap the Future judge, his role as a “Shark” on ABC’s Shark Tank and some of the secrets to his success.

10 Business Tips from "The Shark"

What does Miller Lite Tap the Future judge Daymond John from ABC's "Shark Tank" think are the traits of a great entrepreneur? Read the article below to find out.